Friday, May 27, 2011

Wide Panel

Wide Panel



Panel Testing


These are studies done on a portion of the panel simplifying the affect on the panels during different times of the day. Then I analyzed the efficiency of 3 different panelization patterns.

These are panels I made of cardboard paper. The top right image is an extra wide panel (only half done due to assembling problems) with a guess as to how it might curl in the heat. I'm guessing because the horizontal dimension is so thin, that it will curl as shown.

5 different types of panels and how they would react in a heated situation or a half heated situation.

Shadows at 3 different times of the day for 9 panel variations.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jig mock up

wood frame, with 1/2 in threaded rod, adjustable to min of 14" x 14"  and max of 42 " x 42". max height of 26 " . Final Jig will need to be slightly larger to accommodated offset for clamps. cost for wood and hardware and clamps is roughly 110$. moves pretty smoothly and tightens well. 

catia model places panel at "flat"as possible and returns 4 plan dimensions and 4 heights to set jig. Maybe Yukee could help automate this. We would also do this in grasshopper is we end up using rhino. 

basic 90 d clamp, I ordered 4 of these, and singles of a couple of other options should be here by end of the week.

Panelization (Alternating Patterns)

panelization (halfway...)


Monday, May 9, 2011

revised surface (without glass, no panelization)

Change: north C rests entirely on ground plane.
- front arch tilting too far...?
- cantilever...?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

surface (reversed) fit to site

prestress = -0.3
gravity = 20
inflation = 25
damping = .13

prestress = -0.2
gravity = 7.8
inflation = 17
damping = 0.08

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